How we can help you ?

Web Design

Custom built websites that reflect your organizations character and image. While giving you the ability to easily update your site 24 hours a day.


State-of-the-art e-commerce solution that delivers all the features you want without sacrificing aesthetics

Corporate Branding

A logo defines the personality of an organization and becomes the focal point for how the public identifies a brand.

Marketing Material

Whether it's mailers, fliers, sales collateral, book covers or letter head your organizations reputation is on the line when your customers pick up your literature.

Don't build a website,
Express yourself online!

Hair, makeup, eyebrow rings, these are all ways you can express your self as an individual today. However, as an organization it is more difficult to stand out in the crowd of services available on the web.
Research tells us you have 11 seconds to get the attention of your website visitors. After that, if they can't find what they want they leave. And that's money or influence you just lost.

Small businesses have an even more difficult task. in addition to gaining their attention they have to be able to inform their clients that although they are small they will bring the quality and professionalism of the big guys without sacrificing the intrinsic qualities that make your small business unique.

Edwards Design understands the unique qualities that make your company and organization special. We understand that the services that you offer are more then a product they are a dream, a commitment, and an extention of yourself. Edwards Design is dedicated to finding that special quality within your organization that will not only make you stand out on the web, but will express your identity to the world.
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